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Joyland Play School . Monday was the day where class 1 was taught the words This , That, These, Those and the use of these words through a small activity in class organised by the teacher. The purpose of the activity was that children learn more quickly and smartly. Grammar , study , Activity , Teaching , Learning , Grasping . To make your child learn with activity rather than only books. Please visit Playway school sector 38 chandigarh .
Joy land play school. Nursery class was made to do the activity recognizing the letter along with the object children learned with fun . Activity makes children more energetic and they become quick learner. Motive of our school is to make the concepts clear rather than mugging up. Activity , learning, teaching, art, play. To know more visit the play school sector 38C Chandigarh.
Joyland play school. Today Joyland students experienced and enjoyed creative vegetable activity. The name of the activity was “ Fun With Vegetables”. Each child was made to do vegetable painting with different vegetables. Teachers also explained the benefits of eating vegetables. Learning with activity make the child grasp things more easily and quickly
Joyland play school . Play class and teletubbies celebrated the blue day . Children were beautifully dressed up in blue colour . To make the concept clear the teachers conducted the activities in their respective classes . Teletubbies did the butterfly making activity whereas play class made summer cool blue ice candy . The children carried home blue dolphins as take aways which were denoting the celebration of blue day. Celebration, Takeaways, Activity, Fun, Play, Learn, Art, craft. To make your child enjoy learning visit the play school sector 38C Chandigarh.
Best play way school in Chandigarh Top play way school in Chandigarh We provide all your little ones with tender loving care together with a wealth of wonderful activities and experiences. We are one of the leading Playschool in Chandigarh. We have created a unique curriculum using the best of play way and the Montessori Method of teaching. Our mission is to give every child the opportunity to grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually by playing, exploring, and learning with others in a fun, safe and healthy environment. We make sure that their daily activity doesn't get monotonous. For more details about us please contact us.