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Joyland play school. Today school started with the environment week. The children were asked to bring the paper bags from home to do the activity called “keep environment clean “ . In this activity all class kids collected the waste material into their paper bags inside the school premises and threw it in waste basket . By doing this children were educated that we should keep our surroundings clean to save our earth . To know more about such educated activities for children come and visit Joyland play school sector 38C Chandigarh.
Joyland play school. Today is the second day of environment week where we celebrated the day as ”Plant tree Go Green” . The students with the help of teacher and gardener planted plants to save our earth . Teachers also explained to students why we should plant tree and it’s benefits. The activity was too good and kids really enjoyed the day . Experience the activity oriented studies do visit the Joyland school sector 38C Chandigarh.