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Joyland play school. Today school started with the environment week. The children were asked to bring the paper bags from home to do the activity called “keep environment clean “ . In this activity all class kids collected the waste material into their paper bags inside the school premises and threw it in waste basket . By doing this children were educated that we should keep our surroundings clean to save our earth . To know more about such educated activities for children come and visit Joyland play school sector 38C Chandigarh.
Play Way School in Chandigarh Best Play way School in Chandigarh The Joy land Montessori Method of education is designed to take full advantage of the children’s desire to learn and their unique ability to develop their own capabilities. We would assure the parents that their kids are safe with us by the environment we create, the wallpaper interiors, necessary play school equipment. We focus on the process of learning and value the exchange of ideas through collaborative work. We take care of children’s and they also learn at the same time. It is the teachers and parents responsibility to how much the child will learn. Our main aim is to provide the highest quality of child at the day care center in a safe environment.
Today we started with our first monsoon activity in our play school Making paper- boats . if you are looking for best play school in Chandigarh. 2018-2019 admission open . Best play school in sector 38 Chandigarh
Joyland Playway kids enjoying monsoon season to fullest. Hurray! On with the rain activities. Today was the day where kids right from playway to class 1 sailed their boats of joy in pool, along with song of rain..... Rainy season is here, with a wet and cool day. Paper boats are here, to be put in puddles everyday.