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Joyland Montessori School staff makes sure that each child feels safe and well cared. Our early learning program also allows for the promotion of social skills, emotional training, as well as physical and cognitive development. These preschools give priority to children that will be attending kindergarten the following year. To meet the varying demands of customers, we offer the option of customization. A strong foundation in both English and Hindi language development is established. Our school follows a scientifically developed curriculum that aims to enhance both the Knowledge Quotient as well as the Emotional Quotient of its students. Best pre school in Chandigarh Best Play School in Chandigarh Top Play School in Chandigarh Kindergarten school in Chandigarh
Joyland Montessori Schoolis the listed as the best play school in Chandigarh Our aim to make children future-ready, children use a combination of technology and traditional ways to express learning. The teacher inquires and listens closely to the children before documenting and assessing goals achieved. The activities are age and developmentally appropriate and cover creative, cognitive, physical and social skills. We have the best-in-class curriculum designed in-house using a combination of Play way and Montessori methods. Our Early childhood curriculum builds the foundation of child's future. Our preschool education focuses on learning through play.
The motto of the Joyland Montessori Play School school in Chandigarh is to provide an ambiance and atmosphere appropriate to the young kids and an individualistic approach. As the best play school in Chandigarh Joyland Montessori Play School activities that ensure holistic development of your little one -physical, mental, creative and emotional. Play school in chandigarh Best play school in Chandigarh Top pre school in Chandigarh
Top Play way School in Chandigarh Joyland Montessori school provide a complete nurturing environment for the growth and development of the whole child: socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Our all programmers attempt to meet each child’s individual needs. We believe in creating a safe haven for children. Our play way method of teaching and learning encapsulates children’s attention such that they don’t wish to leave. For further details about us please contact us.
Top play way school in Chandigarh Welcome to the web site of Joyland Montessori play school in Chandigarh, one of happiest, friendliest places in Chandigarh for your children’s. Our best ideas come from the children – through their words or even simply their actions or behaviors. We are careful in our work and encourage children to learn social and physical skills through play. For further details about us please contact us.