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Joyland play school. Today the school celebrated Janmashtami festival. All the students were dressed up as Krishna, Radha, Gopis and Gwalas. Teachers were in ethnic wear. All around the school it was a celebration atmosphere. Students with the help of teachers danced on different Janmashtami songs. Proper rituals were performed like Pooja and giving swing to lord Krishna. To experience all come visit Joyland play school sector 38C Chandigarh.
Joyland Montessori School staff makes sure that each child feels safe and well cared. Our early learning program also allows for the promotion of social skills, emotional training, as well as physical and cognitive development. These preschools give priority to children that will be attending kindergarten the following year. To meet the varying demands of customers, we offer the option of customization. A strong foundation in both English and Hindi language development is established. Our school follows a scientifically developed curriculum that aims to enhance both the Knowledge Quotient as well as the Emotional Quotient of its students. Best pre school in Chandigarh Best Play School in Chandigarh Top Play School in Chandigarh Kindergarten school in Chandigarh
Best play way school in Chandigarh We provide best and pocket friendly play way school in Chandigarh. A child is not a blob of clay that can be molded by the personal perception of grown-ups. Our Aims to provide a broad and balanced international curriculum which supports individual needs and allows students to achieve their full potential. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. For more details about Joyland Montessori please contact us.
Joyland play school. We are teaching our students the magic words like Thank you, Sorry, Please, welcome and May I come in. To inculcate the good basic etiquettes. Joyland team works for the growth of children not only through book teaching but also by imparting basic information and knowledge . Play, Sing, Dance, Draw, Learn, Teach. For more information visit Playway school sector 38 chandigarh.
Joyland play school. Today Joyland students experienced and enjoyed creative vegetable activity. The name of the activity was “ Fun With Vegetables”. Each child was made to do vegetable painting with different vegetables. Teachers also explained the benefits of eating vegetables. Learning with activity make the child grasp things more easily and quickly