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Play school in chandigarh | Top Play school In Chandigarh Joyland Montessori school well-trained tutors excel in providing a quality education to the children with the help of educational games and creative activities. Our qualified teachers strive to respect the age, developmental needs, and cultural needs of the individual child. It also provides expressive materials and play equipment to help kids obtain a positive attitude towards learning. For more details please contact us.
Play way school in Chandigarh Joyland Montessori play school believes all children have the right to feel good about them and it is the responsibility of all teachers to nurture the child’s self esteem. We aim to develop each child’s full potential in an enjoyable, safe and stimulating environment. We offer a flexible program to help children in their learning processes and prepare them for their future through independent exploration and freedom of choice. For further details about us please contact us.
Best play way school in Chandigarh We are one of most trusted Playschool service provider expert in Chandigarh. Play way school will give your children’s a chance to make friends before going into primary school. Our multi-disciplinary team of teachers from different educational backgrounds, ensures, that children realize their highest potential. We would like to provide quality education to every child to make sure to achieve education equality by using our exclusive services. Our mission is to awaken in every child the curiosity to know about the world around. For more details about us please contact us.
We are engaged in offering a unique range of play way school in Chandigarh. Kids are born with bundles of talents and they all have their potential to do things in their own way. We cater our services to children ranging from less than one year of age to more than four years old. We provide CCTV and First Aid facilities to ensure the safety of the children. We have an outdoor play area and a quality child centric center. Our skilled, caring teachers are trained in Early Childhood Care. For further details about us please contact us
Play way school in Chandigarh Our main aim is to provide the highest quality of child at the day care center in a safe environment. Our qualified teachers strive to respect the age, developmental needs, and cultural needs of the individual child. Our learning environment enables each child to realize their unique learning style. The most important period of life is the period from birth to the age of six. Our Early childhood curriculum builds the foundation of child’s future. If you have any queries about our long day care services please feel to give our friendly and contact us.