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Joyland play Today yellow day was celebrated in school. All the students and teachers were dressed up in yellow colour. In classes children were told about yellow things. The tiffins also contained yellow food like pulao, Dhokla etc. special decoration was done with yellow objects. It was an yellow colourful day. To make your child enjoy each day visit Joyland play school sector 38C Chandigarh.
Joyland play school. As we are motivating our children to eat healthy food. So today teachers taught the children how to make the healthy sandwiches in their respective classes. From bread to spreading of butter, adding healthy vegetables all was shown to kids steps by steps by telling the benefits of eating healthy food and staying healthy. Kids really enjoyed the activity and parents also participated equally. Healthy, Food, Fun, Learning, Games. To make yours kids learn more than books. Kindly visit Joyland play school sector 38C Chandigarh .
Joyland play school. There was an campaign organised by the Food and Health department team. Where children were told about healthy food and habits. The presentation was done where team got dressed up in cartoon characters to make it a fun learning as we all are aware in this era children are getting more inspired through these characters. Our children really enjoyed this fun learning “ Healthy food and habits “. Come and experience the world of Joyland play school sector 38C Chandigarh.
Joyland play school. Food is a source of nutrient needed for life and health . Keeping this in mind the Joyland team organised the “Healthy Week”. We introduced table etiquette’s where children were taught how to eat with the help of spoon, fork and knife and how and why to use a napkin. The teacher focused on the benefits of chewing the food properly. As in whole it was a good starting of the week children learned a lot . Manners, Etiquette’s, Fun, Joy, Learning, Teaching . To make your child experience the creative and new learning visit the Joyland school sector 38C Chandigarh .